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This coming Friday I am graduating from Keiser University with my Asociates of Science in Computer Graphics and Design!

I can't wait!!!!

In other news... I am working on a new Bob The Blob video. I'm adding ore detail because I plan on making it a little series so I can at least give you guys something to look at while im working on my skills.

The Saint of Death series is coming along nicely (still working on character design's and things like that)

I hope to get the first episode up by the end of this year or early next year. After the 1st ep the others should come out sooner.

I am also working on a game engine for platformers, and I plan on making a fun and hilarious game based on newgrounds, so stay tuned!

It's Been a While

2008-12-17 15:17:27 by birdwing

After Deciding that my character animation (and human drawing abilities) were not up to par, I have decided to put off the Saint of Death series for a while so that I can improve on my skills.

I will still be working on it and hope to finish it (up to my high standards) sometime this coming year, after the first episode goes up the others should follow suit a Little quicker.

I figured I would share some of my practice animation with you all : )

Stars -bob the blob-

The Trailer is Up!!!!

2008-06-10 09:00:00 by birdwing

The "Saint of Death" Trailer is now up on Newgrounds.

And for all of you that already know this. Go back and watch again!!!

I have fixed the scene at the very end where the gun is being loaded and I want comments on the revision.

Click Here to View

Episode 1 is going to take a while to get up I am actually getting some of my artist friends to help me with better character designs. Yay!

Hey Hey Hey Everybody!

2008-06-03 08:11:05 by birdwing

I'm currently working on a new random killing flash series.

I am busy with school so it could take a while.

Well not much else to say right now.